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I’m Dirk, a Freelance Graphic Designer based in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.  My work specialises around web design, print design and graphic design.  From logos to flyers to websites, you name it;  I love to design it.

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About Me


When I’m not creating great stuff or meeting with clients, I like to mountain bike and snowboard.   I’m a big Leafs and Jays fan too. And lately, and for some strange reason, I like to shop at thrift stores for bargains.  


My design skillset includes the web, branding, print, and I am expanding my video and photography talents presently as well.

I have worked in print and magazine and have fond memories of the old days and was there when the ‘Apple-Mac’ was invented. Things have advanced quite a bit since then.


Every project that I take on is geared towards delivering tangeable results for your business through the implementation of tested and effective design and business strategies.  

My focus


Print is still a strong method of creating return. Particularly direct mail and flyers, as they offer a very strong method of creating interest and generating leads.   Although some might think print is dead, when it comes to tangeable results, I still see print as the king. The reports of print’s demise may be greatly exaggerated.


The web is crowded and competitive and design is mandatory.  A good strategy is the differentiator that allows you to set yourself apart in a fundamental way.  Everyone wants to be on the web.  When we figure out how to use the web for your business that’s when the game changes.


Real life seems to be making a come-back. And it’s a focus of mine as the world has become much more visual, much more brand conscious, much more experience oriented. A great video promo or even a slick slideshow can tell the entire story quickly and very effectively so I’m adding on this extra power-feature and using my natural talents to offer this medium into the mix of my offerings.

Some recent logo designs

Some recent print ad designs

Some recent websites


Home&Lifestyle Shopping Guide

U-Save Flooring

Factory Flooring Carpet One

Cool stuff

Rock Band Poster

Private Sale Handout

Special Event or Social promo videos…

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Drop me a line here to discuss your needs.  I am always open and talk is cheap…actually it’s free.
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